A year of online masterclasses guided by Kristin, designed to deepen your exploration and understanding of Self through the ancient wisdom of yoga.

Orient back to the peace at the heart of who you are and unlock a reservoir of inner resources to guide you through life with greater love, compassion and resilience.

Classes will vary week to week, incorporating a healing fusion of grounding, strengthening and mobilising alignment based hatha vinyasa flow (moving meditation) + deeply supported restorative stillness practices, infused with breath awareness and heart felt intention; all seeped in the ancient wisdom tradition of yogic philosophy. Some weeks will be pure restorative, others more dynamic.

This is both a deeper dive into unlocking true freedom + our highest potential and incredibly foundational work for living a happy, healthy and meaningful life.

40 x 1hr easily digestible themed masterclasses, rich in content and embodied practice rolled out weekly in alignment with SA school terms.

Over the course of the year we will explore yoga foundations, the 8 limbed pathway, chakras, koshas, seasons and cycles.

You choose: Practice with us LIVE ONLINE via Zoom 11:30am -12:30pm Thursdays, beginning 28th Jan 2021 and/ or have unlimited access to the full collection of 40 classes for the whole of 2021, so that you can practice and revisit at your leisure, as they are uploaded to our members site week by week. You can join at any time.

This is for the Seekers.
For the ones who are on the journey of self discovery and self mastery;
For the ones who want to live more frequently as their expanded selves~ body mind soul unified;
For the ones who know the peaceful revolution begins within~
This is an Invitation to deepen our exploration, understanding and love of yoga together, so that it serves us and the world around us everyday 🌟

$222 for Wholeness Subscription 2021 

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