“I began practising yoga a year ago with Kristin at Fleurieu Yoga. Kristin was warm and welcoming and the little tucked away yoga room was gorgeous. After my first two classes I knew that I wanted to explore yoga more and that I had found the perfect teacher. Kristin provides a practise that is unique – nurturing the growth in each individual student and encouraging us to be with our self and own our practise. She provides diversity each class, is always offering assistance in her students comfort and truly cares about her students. Being in such a supportive environment, I saw my own practise grow, along with my love of yoga. My body is no longer sore and I feel alive. Yoga is a practise of union of mind and body and Fleurieu Yoga is a place that nurtures the growth and development of self love and compassion. I feel truly blessed that I found such an incredible teacher to ignite my own passion and to find an activity that fostered health and well being.” -Lisa Grein, S.A

“I have practiced with many yoga teachers over the years but Kristin is the first that has made me feel completely comfortable and accepting of me and my body as it is in that moment. There is no ego and no judgement in her space, she loves and accepts her students in a way that makes you love and accept yourself!! In a time when there is a lot of focus on the physical practice of yoga, Kristin embodies the yogic way of life and gently inspires her students to do the same and relish in life and whatever it brings. As a health practitioner, I have high expectations. And I can say that…I have [never] felt so safe, confident and comfortable taking a class with a yoga teacher as I do with Kristin. She is a real gem in the yoga world.” ~ Larissa, S.A

‘No matter what shape you are in – if you can breathe you can join Kristin’s yoga class. A beautiful soul, Kristin gives you the opportunity to embrace where you are and nurture your Self through the practice of focusing on the breath. Every pose has a variation from beginners to advanced and every student has permission to find their body’s own comfort threshold. Kristin is an experienced teacher who will gently guide you with her serene yet vivacious passion for yoga.’ -Heather Lesley, S.A

‘Kristin has not only transformed my yoga practice since I started with her two years ago, she has renewed my sense of wellbeing and devotion to my practice. Her pure energy combined with her empathetic nature makes her a delight to be around and a joy to learn from. Kristin’s use of props (bolsters, blocks, blankets, straps etc) help even the most inflexible beginner, to the most advanced students to improve their yoga in a safe and cautious manner which results in a harmonious practice for all levels…she is very clever in designing her classes to suit any level of participants. Kristin will be sadly missed not only by myself, but by all of her Queenstown students, and I feel she will be almost impossible for most of us to replace! However, I wish her all the best in her vision for the years ahead and look forward to her return to Queenstown for her renowned retreats. She has left her mark here in Queenstown and will always be warmly welcomed back whenever she returns.’ -Pip Souness, Queenstown, New Zealand

‘Here in Queenstown, New Zealand, Kristin has become a well liked and highly respected yoga teacher. She is extremely professional and has the ability to connect with every student, making everyone feel confident to attain a pose correctly. Her manner is calm yet assertive and I as a mature age student always feel I want to try harder under her watchful eye. Her classes make one feel energised after such a good workout and they are always fun. I will be so sorry to see Kristin leave us- savasana will never be the same again!’ -Louise Hall, Queenstown, New Zealand

‘You to me are yoga, everything about you, not just your immense knowledge base. Thanks so much for your kindness and sharing all of your knowledge. You are an amazing teacher, compassionate and full of love and passion.’ -Amanda Mortimer MNZANLP, YourLifeLiveIt

‘Kristin is a truly amazing yogi. Her love for yoga shines through during classes and she knows just how to articulate how to get the most out of every pose and be in the moment. Calming, down-to-earth and gentle, I couldn’t recommend Kristin and Fleurieu Yoga enough!!’ -Rachel Godoy, Aldinga, S.A


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