I have been practicing yoga since I was a teenager. My first yoga class was in my final year of high school, to help deal with the stress I was feeling at that time. It was truly “love at first class” and the follow-on effect has been a dedicated daily self-practice, that I have kept up ever since. This practice has been the constant in my life, sustaining me through many different seasons.

Personally, yoga has supported me through thyroid cancer, surgery, treatment, recovery and remission. It has helped to keep me in balance when my body otherwise would have felt like it was failing me. It has supported me through pregnancy, childbirth and helped me to survive sleepless nights and the daily challenges that come with raising children. It meets me when I feel energised and fit by challenging and strengthening me. It also meets me when I’m sick or exhausted by helping to gently restore my energy levels and immune system.

Yoga infuses my life with meaning. It teaches me to be quiet and trust, even if I don’t know all of the answers. It makes my body feel light, fit and healthy. It clears my mind and balances my emotions. It connects me to a higher source and purpose. It teaches me patience, surrender, humility and acceptance. It teaches me to love more fully. It teaches me to listen more carefully. It teaches me to breathe more deeply. It reminds me to pause when life feels overwhelming and to come back to what is true.

I am truly passionate about making yoga accessible to everybody, so that you can experience the greater sense of peace,  joy, health and vitality that yoga brings to the mind, body and spirit.


My journey began when I attended a weekend meditation retreat way back in the ‘70s. I learned a sequence of eight hatha yoga postures and one breathing practice as preparation for meditation. For the next twenty years these simple practices sustained me through pregnancies, birthing, mothering, working and everything in between. I discovered that my daily practice was an oasis of stillness, refreshment and equanimity.

Training as a yoga teacher in 1998-99, I developed my interests in pranayama (breathing practices), vinyasa (the art of sequencing yoga postures), safe sound alignment and yoga nidra.

Further study with teachers such as Donna Farhi and Judith Hanson Lasater influenced on my teaching with emphasis on safe individualised practice and yoga as a tool for self-enquiry.

Life has brought challenging times to my doorstep such as a loved one’s terminal illness, seasons of grief, my own illness and surgeries. During these times I reached deeply into my yoga and meditation practices and gained deeper respect for their profound peace and healing.

Now, I love to adapt yoga from dynamic through to restorative styles depending on my needs and the diverse needs of my students.

~ smile, breathe, go slowly ~


I began practicing yoga as a teenager, incorporating a regular practice into my routine to support me as I finished high school and throughout my university studies. As I entered post-graduate study I discovered Kristin’s classes and fell completely in love. My regular practice became a daily practice and yoga interwove itself through every facet of my life.
While yoga for me began as a practice entirely focused on my physical body, over the years the mental health benefits of a regular yoga practice have evidenced themselves to me time and time again. Yoga has supported me through some of the most trying times of my life and the positive impacts it extends through all aspects of my life continue to enchant me.
A dynamic vinyasa practice offers me a form of moving meditation that leaves me feeling both energised and relaxed. Gentle and restorative practices are here to meet me when I need to take more care of my self.
My daily practice is a constant, no matter where I am in the world or what else is happening in my life. It keeps me grounded and my body and mind healthy. The deep-rooted peace that yoga instils in me is what I hope to bring to my students.
In 2018 I completed my first 200 hour teacher training in Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyasa in Rishikesh, India. I began teaching immediately and have not looked back. Over the last two years I have completed further trainings in Aerial Movement, Advanced Vinyasa and Yin.
In my vinyasa classes you can expect anatomically intelligent sequencing, strength, sweat and an element of fun. Through yin feel supported in a meditative practice with plenty of ‘space’ to drop into you, while enhancing joint health and range of motion, a beautiful compliment to our yang practices and lives.




Though I had taken yoga classes for years, my deep love affair with yoga did not blossom until 2014 in a tiny lakeside town in Guatemala.
I was very quickly taken with the practice and my world opened up to everything yoga.
This new philosophy changed my life and gave me the strength to enter recovery.
In 2017 I was lucky enough to take my teacher training under the Kula Collective.
I quit my job and made yoga my life.
An opportunity arose to create a studio out of an old gallery space, and I dove in head-first.
That experience was the greatest leap and the greatest lesson of my life and I will be forever thankful to the connections, time and practice shared in that space. 
I have a strong interest in trauma sensitive teaching and offer a safe and supported space for students to explore their own “stuff”.
I offer a Vinyasa practice that is more somatic movement based with little focus on aesthetics or alignment and a strong focus on breath and flow to get into the body for deep release.


I have been doing yoga my whole life and I love it!
I remember when I was a child, I would take a book my mum had in the bookshelf which had yoga asanas in and I would spend hours in my room contorting my body in all sorts of shapes and loving the feeling of flexibility throughout my body.
Years later in High School I chose Meditation as an “extra curricula activity”.
I learnt the beautiful sensation of connecting my breath with my body; in my yoga this translated to connecting the breath with movement. I began to feel this oneness, this wholeness of body and mind, I was hooked!
It appeared that from a young age I was destined to become a Yoga Teacher. However I did lose my practice for a long time as life became too busy and frantic and I prioritised other things. This unhealthy, busy life I had created for myself of constantly burning the candle at both ends left me in a state of complete and utter exhaustion! My body shut down. I became very sick (both physically and mentally) for many years. During this tough time I reconnected with Yoga and slowly but surely my health improved and my passion for yoga became stronger than ever. I experienced the healing effects that yoga can have on both the body and the mind and now I want to share this with others.
“Health is your wealth and you’re a long time dead” as John Butler said.
In August 2016 my dream came true as I completed my 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Trimurti Yoga in the beautiful Amed, Bali. I am trained and qualified to teach a variety of styles of yoga; I specialise in Hatha, Vinyasa and Restorative yoga.
To me the most important aspect of Yoga is the union of the body, mind and soul. I practice this daily; I really listen and tune in to my body and in return I have never felt better inside my own body and how it responds to the world.
I invite you all to come and take a journey with me, whatever that journey may be. I look forward to seeing you on the mat!
I completed my first multi style 200hr YTT with our very own Yaisa Nio in 2018 in Amed Bali and then went on to follow my love of Yin with Byron Yoga. I recently completed my training in MFR (myofascial release) and am going on to study power vinyasa with Power Living, along with Ayurvedic health coaching later this year. I love to work with the energetic body and bring my own style to each of my classes. I’m so excited to continue sharing my journey as it unfolds.





Yoga crossed my path for the first time in 2006 in Singapore, in one of those massive gyms. In 2008, I moved to Egypt to a little town void of yoga teachers, trading my multinational banking career for a job in scuba diving. I soon realised I couldn’t do without yoga and started a self-practice group with a bunch of friends. You could say that that was the beginning of my passion for teaching yoga. After completing a 200-hour yoga teacher training in India in 2013, I switched jobs again and have been teaching yoga ever since.

Blessed to be able to share my love for yoga in South Australia during the warmer months, I escape overseas for the rest of the year. I spend a few months a year in Bali running yoga teacher trainings.

As a true multistyle teacher and practitioner, Ashtanga is my first love but can’t do without a good dose of Yin. Hatha and Vinyasa are no strangers either. I enjoy practicing and teaching all these wonderful variations of yoga asana and integrate meditation and pranayama into my classes as well. To me, they are all essential components of the practice.

My belief is that no one size fits all. An appropriate yoga practice exists for each person, each situation, each need and I aim to bring that across with a down-to-earth and authentic approach.



The first time I consciously chose to cultivate a regular yoga practice I was 11 years old and recovering from having a bone tumour removed. During my recovery I sensed the incredible therapeutic qualities of yoga. Once I recovered, I enjoyed being a child again and dabbled in the practice here and there. At the age of 19 I consciously chose to begin taking good care of myself, body, mind and spirit, and committed to a daily yoga practice which included meditation, pranayama and asana. I spent the next 2 years travelling, volunteering and having very little money, so my practice was self-taught from books, research and free online classes. I completed my teacher training in Costa Rica and began teaching free classes in Nicaragua while I worked on an off-grid permaculture farm. I returned home to Australia and have been teaching and immersing in on-going study for the past 6 years. I am constantly in awe of and inspired by the therapeutic and transformative potential of yoga and its ability to be modified to suit each individual journey. In my group classes I offer a safe space for students to come as they are and explore mindful movement with a focus on breath and bodily awareness to enable states of compassion and peace.