Fleurieu Yoga provides a variety of ongoing weekly classes at our yoga studio, Shop 1/ 8 Old Coach Road, Aldinga. The yoga studio is a peaceful and intimate, welcoming, boutique space.

We are fully equipped with props (bolsters, blocks, straps, blankets, chairs & eye pillows), to encourage a safe and enjoyable practice within your own limitations.

Classes combine balanced sequences of postures with beneficial breathing techniques, calming relaxation and meditation to unite body, mind and spirit. To learn more about the class you are interested in attending, click on the class name in the schedule below.  We truly believe that anybody can practice yoga- it is just a matter of finding a practice that works for you and that you love.

We are passionate about providing safe, supportive & joyful classes that meet you where you are and that help move you toward greater balance, peace, health and wellbeing.

*Bookings are essential. Please book in using our online bookings system below. Simply click on the class you would like to attend and follow the prompts.

**You can pre pay online by clicking here.

***Please note: during business hours, Monday-Friday 9am-5pm and Saturday 9am-12pm, there is NO parking available in the Old Coach Road Shops Car Park. Please be mindful of the other businesses and allow time to either park on the street or at the oval and walk through- thank you.

****There are no classes on public holidays. 

Specialty classes/ workshops:


Join us on the first Sunday of each month for two hours of bliss, all for yourself.  We use props to support ourselves in long held restorative yoga poses, explore a variety of beneficial breathing techniques, practice meditation and enjoy a long yoga nidra.  Through the practice of restorative yoga the body’s systems may come back into balance-energy is enhanced, the nervous system quietens and layers of tension melt away. Deepest relaxation- so delicious. Mmmmmm!

Investment: $40 including chai & treat to follow.

Bookings are essential. Please book in using our online bookings system above. Click on the restorative workshop you would like to attend and follow the prompts. You can pre pay online here too.


I am available to teach private yoga if you have specific conditions and want to work more powerfully to remedy those, or if you want to create your own small group session at a convenient time for you.

Investment: $75 per hour + $15 per additional person (+ travel time/ allowance)

I am available to travel to your workplace and provide corporate yoga, tailored to your exact requirements. I am experienced at working with large groups to help you to achieve a desired outcome, whether that be to set your staff up to be in a receptive, open state of mind for a productive workshop/ day of work or to help reduce the effects of systematic stress and tension.

Investment: $150 for 1 hour/ $175 for 90 minutes/ $200 for 2 hours (+ travel time/ allowance)

Give me a call and we can chat about your specific requirements.



Literally translated Qi Gong means cultivation of breath or vital energyIt is a seamless combination of intention, breath and movement with the goal of building qi or energy throughout the body, finding peace in the heart and stillness in the mindQi cannot be seen, only felt and according to Chinese culture is the most fundamental aspect to our existence. Just like a river, Qi flows throughout the entire body allowing us to feel balanced, energetic, and peaceful. When Qi is disrupted we can experience physical and emotional imbalances. With the guidance of Qi Gong we learn to restore the flow of Qi and bring ourselves back into balance
When? Fridays 7 – 8 am.
Cost? $15.
If you have any questions please contact Paige at 0434 741 503

PRENATAL YOGA w/ KATE:  Prenatal classes with Kate offer a chance to honour your pregnancy journey while preparing for birth and beyond. Focus and attention given to breathing techniques, postural alignment to reduce discomfort, severity or occurrence of common pregnancy complaints and ailments. Work on building strength and stamina whilst allowing the body to accept rest and restoration. Learn to work with sound and the breath, becoming aware of tensions as they rise within us and learning to let go.

When? 6-7:15pm Thursday evenings, beginning 10th May 2018
$18 (cash) per class or $150 Ten class pass.

Contact Kate via facebook / 0427838904 with any questions and to book your place.


GONG BATH SOUND THERAPY w/ JESSE:  Treat yourself to the delicious healing frequencies of planetary tuned gongs and custom built flutes.

When? 7- 8:30pm every second Friday evening beginning May 4th

Text Jesse 0414235687 for more info & to book in


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